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Bologna Module - English

Nuffic Academy
Kortenaerkade 11
2518 AX Den Haag


This module aims to provide you with an overview of the consequences of the Bologna Process for the development of higher education in Europe, and in the Netherlands in particular. You will learn about the tools developed as part of the Bologna Process and gain insight into the consequences that the Bologna Process has, or has had, for your work at a research university or a university of applied sciences.

Target group and learning objective

The target group of this module are staff employed in higher education.

The learning objective of this module is: to gain insight into the Bologna Process and the consequences of the process that staff employed in higher education will be facing.

On completion of this module, you will know:

  • How the Bologna Process originated and how it has developed;
  • What consequences the Bologna Process has, or has had, on higher education in the Netherlands;
  • What tools have been developed as part of the Bologna Process;
  • In what way you, as a staff member, will be affected by these tools and how you can use them.

Prior knowledge

You do not need any specific prior knowledge for this module.


This module consists of the following components:

1.     Origin and development of the Bologna Process

  • The Sorbonne Declaration
  • The Bologna Declaration
  • The members of the European Higher Education Area
  • Who is responsible for the Bologna Process?
  • The ministerial conferences
  • Progress on the Bologna Process

2.     The implementation of a common degree structure

  • The three cycles
  •  The short cycle
  • Implementation in the Netherlands
  • Grades and titles
  • Implementation in other countries

3.     Qualifications frameworks

  • Qualifications frameworks at European level
  • Qualifications frameworks at national level
  • The status in the Netherlands: NLQF
  • The purpose of qualifications frameworks

4.     The tools in the Bologna Process

  • ECTS
  • ECTS credits
  • ECTS Course Catalogue
  • ECTS Grading Table
  • ECTS and ECVET
  • Diploma supplement

5.     Quality assurance

  • Internal quality assurance
  • Guidelines within the framework of the Bologna Process
  • National differences
  • The situation in the Netherlands

6.     Recognition

  • Lisbon Recognition Convention

7.     Relationship with the Erasmus Programme

8.     In conclusion


Publication information

Author: The Dutch team of Bologna experts.

This module was developed under the FaBoTo+ project (Facilitating the use of Bologna tools for quality assurance organisations and higher education institutions). The FaBoTo+ project is supported by Key Action 3 of the Erasmus+ Programme.